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About Cat-A-Pole: A Unique Cat Toy

Every Cat owner Needs to Have One of these Toys!

cat-a-pole toy by itselfWhat is it? The Cat-A-Pole is a toy that you and your cat will Love for hours!

How to Use it: hold the “Cat-A-Pole” by the handle and wave it around to get a feel for its action.

Next, allow the cat to find the “mouse-bird” at first keeping it well away from the cat. Try not to let the cat get it in the beginning. Run it along the floor like a mouse and then move it across the room quickly to baffle the cat as to the nature of this new vanishing houseguest.

When the cat has the mouse-bird in its possession never attempt to yank it away from the cat. The cat will not swallow this toy. Gentle tugs will cause cat to play with the mouse-bird until gentle wiggling frees it to resume the chase.

Why it Works

A cat’s brain works like a computer to analyze distances, trajectories, and motion. When a cat recognizes that a motion is repetitive it is quickly bored with it. The “catapole” is long enough and complicated enough in its action that it creates random action. This means that it is completely unpredictable just like a real mouse or bird. Cats love it forever!

What to Expect

All cats are different. Some only like the toy when it runs along the ground like a mouse. Others like it if it hides behind a trashcan or flowerpot, and others like it to fly through the air like a bird. Most cats though go completely crazy almost immediately and will do things you may never have seen your cat do before so be prepared!

They are likely to leap in the air, jump over the couch, crash into things, and basically wear themselves out in about 10 minutes. When the cats tongue is hanging out and wagging it is best to let it rest for 5 minutes before resuming. Great for tiring out cats before Vet’s visits!

When these toys are left strapped to a chair leg or similar object it is not uncommon for the cat to develop a relationship with this toy sometimes growling at it, hiding and then attacking, or laying under it and batting at it with their paws. Cats will never be bored again while you are away.

Mouse- Bird Replacement

This line runs all the way through a hole in the last smallest segment of your “catapole”. There is a knot in the end of the line, which holds it on. To replace this order by clicking the link below and follow the simple instructions that come with the mouse-bird.

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